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About Us

Large families may be a thing of the past, but the traditions and love live on through each of its future generations. Durrell “Duke” Scott is the product of such a family. The grandson of a farming couple whose love for each other  produced 14 children. He received an abundance of love and had much to learn. With a host of hands preparing the meals at each of the family gatherings, there was more good food than you could shake a stick at. Duke took what he learned from his aunts, uncles and parents and began to experiment with an array of dishes, but his passion burned bright in the glowing coal of the barbecue pit. Grilling for his family and friends during summer events, Duke fine-tuned his craft. As word spread and more and more folks began requesting his food, it only made sense to take something so delicious, so special, and share it with everyone.

For "right good" barbecue, #getslabbed!

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